The 100 Plus Club Program

Exciting, entertaining and inspirational!

The 100 Plus Club presentation is about centenarian wisdom and wit from a man who achieved over 107 years and his 82 year old follower, Josh, who is enjoying his “virtual” age of 71.

In nine months, Josh elevated his 8 healthy habits to the next level, extending his life expectancy seven years. Join the club! Become excited and inspired to begin a new venture, hobby or challenge without fear of not living long enough to finish.

Extending longevity benefits: You can pursue a new passion, occupation or hobby. You’ll have more time for family, friends and associates. Witness children and grand-children’s seminal events. Experience more energy and better health. Significantly increase your financial well-being.

Expand your life wisdom to pass along to those who will follow. The exemplar is: Charles Wesley Thiery 1850 – 1958

Discover Your Life Expectancy
How long will you live? The following website calculates life expectancy based on a questionnaire.