What Readers Have Said

Robert “Punchy” Powell, Author, Editor, Historian, Pilot,
352nd Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, WWII…

“Personal diaries almost always make you wonder what the author has failed to include in his efforts to record his daily trials and tribulations, but Josh Batchelder’s book Black Watch Diary is an interesting and enlightening account of his life and his military career flying as a Radar Observer (RO) in the F-94 Starfire and the F-89 Scorpions guarding the Canadian approaches to the U.S. and enduring the frigid reaches of Newfoundland and Labrador flying out of Goose Bay Air Base. His almost daily entries picture a young man, newly married but separated from his bride for long periods, a young man who filled those lonely hours with a burning passion to read and develop his understanding of the world and its people while exposed to the constant rigors and dangers of flying interceptor missions in weather that took the lives of several of his fellow flyers. This book is a quick take on the life and character-building experiences of a man who proudly served his country as a member of the 59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron whose motto was, ‘When the Ducks Walk, We Fly!’ It is full of the fun and frolic characteristic of those in service and even more so in fighter pilot groups. Black Watch Diary is quite an enjoyable read.”

Colonel Theodore R. Legako, USAF, Retired, Stillwell, OK

“Received your book yesterday and read most of it immediately. It certainly brought back some old memories of Goose. It was the most interesting year of my life.”

Richard P. Winterberg, Southern Pines, NC

“Building the Scramble Inn in the basement of the barracks was a highlight. Goose Bay was the highlight of my life and I’ve told the stories a million times.”

T. Wayne Evans, Columbia, TN

“Just got the book and couldn’t put it down. It is a pleasure to hear from someone who has walked the frozen tundra of the Goose. I was an enlisted man and crew chief of an F-89 and the B-25 ‘Hangar Queen’.”

Donald R. Reed, Attorney, Sierra Madre, CA

“Just received Black Watch Diary and had to leaf through it before doing anything else. I am so impressed I would like to order two more copies for our daughters. The pictures of the F-94Bs are impressive. We were flying those when the F-89C was grounded because their wings kept breaking.”

Black Watch Diary The Sequel
Fellow airmen, spouses, widows, and children forwarded their personal memories, stories, and pictures. The saga of rebellious fly-boys building the “world famous” Scramble Inn will tickle you into many laughs. Only. $19.50