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The Wheel:  The Art of Wheel and Handwriting Analyses 

The WheelBackground
A quarter century ago, after a decade of developing his new “icebreaker” and diagnostic tool – The Wheel, Ernest F. Pecci, MD, presented his theory and practice of wheel analysis seminar for the Northern California Chapter of The International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS).

Master Graphoanalyst, Joseph Zmuda, MGA, was present; subsequently, Zmuda, as an analyst and author of quick profiling techniques, published The Wheel of Handwriting Analysis (1985).

These two methods validate each other.  The wheel also uncovers information not seen in handwriting samples.  However, handwriting analysis will uncover many more traits not seen in the wheel.  Another wheel plus, a scripter’s personal world changes will more readily appear in his subsequent wheel drawings.

Pecci’s psychiatric training taught him that because of the long list of invasive questions, three-fourths of first visit patients never return.  Upon implementing his new Wheel Tool, he bypassed the intimidating questions.  Immediate rapport was established.  Virtually all of his patients continued therapy.  The patient’s wheel became the focus of an objective discussion that quickly identified presenting issues; and, subsequent wheel drawings charted his patient’s progress.

Handwriting Analysis for the Novice and Professional

Personality ProfilingPersonality Profiling in 90 Seconds
is the answer to the many requests Josh has received for a book on handwriting analysis for the novice. The book explains how to do a quick analysis without spending years of study and training. It is a 15-Point Guide that promises readers will be able to perform practical profiles by the time they have finished reading the book.

Quick analyses aren’t a substitute for professional handwriting analysis studies that provide comprehensive reports for purposes such as assessing job applicants, determining business or personal compatibility, selecting appropriate jury members and examining questioned documents, but they are a helpful quick profile. A ninety-second analysis can result in life-altering changes, as some subjects in this book have experienced.

Managers, teachers, parents, and counselors have a new tool to profile anyone, dead or alive. And for you hobbyists and professionals, welcome to a new experience that promises a unique advantage in your personal, professional, or business life.


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