Speaker Programs

A Dynamic and Inspirational Speaker for Your Next Event


Decades of flying, analyzing personalities and pursuing wellness and longevity passions led to programs punctuated with real life experiences. Our programs educate, entertain and inspire audiences to take up the challenges of living long and living well.  Josh performs at trade shows, corporate parties, festivals, bookstores, libraries, retirement living centers, Air Force bases and other venues.

Personality Profiling Programs

Harvard University education in Social and Personality Psychology and certification in scientific handwriting analysis and the wheel drawing projective technique prepared Josh to quickly perform insightful analyses for clients for business, personal and entertainment purposes. Josh has published four books on the subject and has been presenting programs on major cruise lines since 1999.

Longevity and Wellness Programs

Founder Josh Batchelder is inspired by his great Uncle Charlie, Charles Wesley Thiery (1850-1958) to live long and live well. Charles Wesley Thiery was mentored by publishing great Henry Oscar Houghton and President Eisenhower’s eminent cardiologist, Dr. Paul Dudley White. Uncle Charlie became a wealthy celebrated centenarian delivering wit and wisdom through the plethora of news stories about him published across the US and the world.

public-speakingMilitary Memoir Programs

  • Climb to 8 and Wait Program
    Sixty four stories from twenty airmen who flew the last of the heavy airlift aircraft reciprocating engines of the 1960s and 70s. They carried troops and cargo to all the continents during the Vietnam and Cold War era.
  • The Black Watch Diary Program
    The Black Watch Diary program features stories and pictures from cocky young all weather jet fighter interceptor jocks of the mid-1950s. Their mission – air defense to intercept any Russian nuclear bombers headed to the US over the shorter Artic routes. Like firemen in ready rooms, when the horn sounded they’d climb into their cockpits, blast out their hangers, and scramble to get into the air. They would intercept bogeys (unknown aircraft) in a few minutes day or night, ice or snow. Accidents and deaths weren’t unusual.