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Wellness and Longevity

The 100 Plus Club Living Long and Living Well (Deeds, 2014) is an exciting, entertaining and inspirational program based on the book of the same name.

The 100 Plus Club presentation is about centenarian wisdom and wit from a man who achieved over 107 years (Charles Wesley Thiery 1850-1958) and his 83 year old follower Josh, who is enjoying his “virtual” age of 71!

In nine months, Josh elevated his 8 healthy habits to the next level, extending his life expectancy seven years.  Join the club!  Become excited and inspired to begin a new venture, hobby or challenge without fear of not living long enough to finish.

Savvy Sally


Co-author/presenter Sally A. Walker


Contact Information

Josh Batchelder, CGA

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Atlanta GA 31134

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Certified Graphoanalyst,

Author and Entertainer

Josh Batchelder

is an experience based speaker who delivers exciting, interactive,  entertaining and inspirational programs



Handwriting and Wheel Drawing Analyses

From Josh’s Harvard University education in Social and Personality Psychology (AB) and becoming a certified Graphoanalyst (IGAS, in 1976) we was well prepared to conduct on-board presentations for major cruise lines.  Starting in 1999, Josh has been an entertainer for Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.

Josh also performs at trade shows, corporate parties, festivals, bookstores, libraries, retirement living centers and other venues.

Josh has published four books about analyzing personalities.

The Wheel:  The Art of Wheel and Handwriting Analyses (2010, 2011) with Ernest F. Pecci, M.D., Founder of the Wheel projective technique.

Personality Profiling in 90 Seconds (2006)

Handwriting Reveals You (Trafford Publications, 2003)

Graphoanalyst Services

  • Handwriting & Wheel Drawing Analyses for Personality Profiles


  • Compatibility Profiles, Business & Personal


  • Employee Screening/Management
  • Identifying Talents and Aptitudes
  • Introductory Courses /Workshops
  • Entertaining Talks/Demonstrations


The 2nd edition of The Wheel is a complete guide to quickly identifying dominate personality traits.

Military Memoirs


Josh presents military programs based on his two memoirs Black Watch Diary (2009) and Climb to 8 and Wait (2014).


From Air Force flying in all- weather jet interceptors to worldwide airlift aircraft for the Georgia Air National Guard, Josh accumulated 5000+ flying hours.


Josh earned three sets of silver wings: Radar Observer, Master Air Navigator and Private Pilot Instrument-Rated.  Josh flew search and rescue missions for the Civil Air Patrol.  He retired as a Lt. Colonel after 30 years of service.